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With this blog, we want to help other families plan their trips with their children. We realise that travelling with children involves a few more ‘challenges’ than travelling solo or as a couple. So we’re sharing all our tested tips and experiences here to help you better plan your family trip. On top of finding plenty of family travel tips, you’ll also find useful guides, itineraries, suggested visits, advice on travel essentials and packing lists. Whatever type and size of family trip you’re planning, we’ve got you covered.

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Hi there, we are THE FAMILY ABOARD: Sophie, Papa, Raphaëlle and Félix.

We are an ordinary family from Quebec (Canada), with ordinary jobs, who are passionate about travel of all sorts. From family camping trips to visits to major European cities, we want to seize all the travel and getaway opportunities.

What we love more than anything is spending time together – the four of us. We know that time with our minis is precious and will pass far too quickly! So we are always looking for adventures that we can have as a family to maximize quality time together, whether at home or elsewhere on the planet.

Travel is at the heart of our life. We were already passionate about travelling long before starting a family. The arrival of children in our lives has never questioned our desire to travel. Thus, since the birth of our daughter in 2018, we have been able to add a few destinations to the counter. Family travel is what makes us vibrate, what drives us.

Being able to watch our two mini explorers discover new places, marvel at landscapes and develop a bond during our adventures all over the world is pure happiness.

We’re always happy to hear about people’s travel plans. Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your experiences or to ask us questions. It will be our pleasure to connect with you 🙂

The Family Aboard – Who we are


Hi ! I’m Sophie and I have a hard time staying still and doing nothing. When we are home, I love hosting friends and family. I LOVE board games and cheesy Christmas movies.

Quick facts :
– I love a good chick lit novel… yeah, I’m a bit cheesy.
– I could eat ice cream all day, all year long !
– I fell in love with Benin in West Africa back in 2014. I dream of bringing my family to visit this special country.


Hi, I’m Papa. For professional reasons, I can’t share my real name here. For the same reason, you won’t see my face pictured on it. Hence, you will see amazing pictures of the back of my head and of my back!!

I am passionate about sports – been playing football during high school and college. On my free time, I love to go for a hike or a run. At home, I am the Chief Organizer of movie nights with our kids.

Quick facts:
– I love a good read (my favorites are bios and true stories)
– I am passionate about History, mostly about everything World War 2
– I’m a bad dancer, but you’ll see me wiggle a little if Bachata music is on. I’m a big fan of Romeo Santos !


Hi ! I’m Raphaëlle and I am 5. I love PRINCESSES… I actually want to be Elsa from Frozen when I grow up. My favorite activity at home is to dress up and perform dance shows in the living room for my family. I am happiest playing outside: going to the park, riding my bike and jumping on the trampoline are my favorite activities.

Quick facts:
– I love to dance and do gymnastics
– I cheer for the Toronto Blue Jays when I watch baseball with my dad
– I am the best sister in the world, I love to take care of my little brother


Hi ! I’m Félix ! I’m two years old and am full of energy. I absolutely love books, especially those with sounds and fun textures. I love music – I am a really good dancer. I love spending time with my parents and my sister, especially cuddling and tickling sessions. I love looking at planes in the sky – I keep saying “rwaaar” when I spot one.

Quick facts:
– I love buses, trains and big trucks: I wave at them every time I see one.
– My favorite food is spaghetti and pizza.
– Noublanc is my plush blankie and he follows me everywhere I go – we are inseparable.

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